Many different myths prevail about sober living homes and the services offered. Some people think a sober living house as more of a halfway house recovery support home or a boarding facility shelter or in some instances a flop house. All of these concepts are very wrong and give the facilities a bad name and bad connotations while some places may be like these soberest living communities are very different. Typically a sober living community is a place of safety and security for people that have recently completed an extended period in a drug or alcohol rehabilitation facility. The place offers a supportive and encouraging environment for those people who might seek another option before going back into society again.

A sober living community is a place where a person can go to be safe from drugs and alcohol which might be present in another environment. These places are completely free from drugs and alcohol, and this removes the temptation for some to fall back to old negative behavior patterns and reduces the risk of relapse for many. While in a sober living community the recovery patient receives the opportunity to use the skills obtained in rehabilitation and form bonds with others in the same situation. Many times without the help of a sober living community a person will go from rehab and back into a place where they are more likely to start using or drinking again. To enter a sober living community is a step in the right direction and provides the person extra motivation and encouragement to remain clean and sober.

If someone does not know how to go about finding out information about a sober living community an excellent resource is right here at Sober Living Local, housing directory. Sober living homes have a zero tolerance policy towards any drug or alcohol use this is grounds for a person to be expelled from the facility. Most transitional recovery homes employ staff on hand to help a person remain faithful to the goals of staying clean and sober and assist the person in observing their aftercare program.

When someone just leaves rehabilitation for alcoholism or drug addiction treatment the first few days and weeks is the most vulnerable time of life. A person is more likely to go back to using drugs or alcohol without staying in a secure drug and alcohol-free environment. With the right help and motivation, it is easier for someone living in a sober living community to maintain an ongoing commitment to staying clean. Offered at most facilities is the chance to continue with 12-step meetings and counseling or therapy all of which are vital to the recovery process and an asset to the newly recovered individual.

Becoming clean and sober and giving up drugs and alcohol is never an easy struggle and takes dedication along with hard work on the part of the user. Rehabilitation takes time, and the process can be grueling for even the strongest person to go through. Having the stigma of being an alcoholic or drug addict is something that takes a person a long time to get over and to go back into a negative environment can result in the person breaking the promise to maintain sobriety and increases the risk of relapsing. With the information available Sober Living Local, transitional recovery housing directory, anyone can find the right facility to help them during the delicate transition from rehab back into the real world.

Sober Living Local directory contains all the information necessary for someone to be able to make an informed decision. There are many different sober living communities located all over the United States which one is selected is a matter of personal choice. Sometimes a rehabilitation center or drug treatment program will offer sober living housing in conjunction with rehab services there are also independent programs as well. The decision to enter a transitional recovery home has helped many people strengthen the resolve to remain clean and sober and is just the first decision of many that a person will make.

Admitting to a problem with drugs and alcohol and seeking treatment is a courageous and brave choice. By undergoing recovery and entering into a sober living community, a person is making the best decision possible when learning how to remain clean and sober. With the extra support and motivation of others in the same situation, a transitional recovery home can be the best place for a person to stay clean and sober when first leaving rehabilitation. Having the added security and guidance during the crucial readjustment to society and utilizing the benefits of a sober living community has been a critical asset in showing many recovery patients how to remain firm in a commitment to staying permanently clean and sober.