The thought of going to a sober living home sends shiver down the spines of millions of substance abusers. It is indeed true that for most substance abusers, a sober living home is not the best option. However, for a complete treatment program these sober living homes in California are the only options available. This poses a dilemma for most people. While it is true that sober homes are the right places for addicts, it cannot be denied that there is a greater need for options that can help in preventing the problem of substance abuse altogether.

Social activists and behavior experts have raised their concerns over the problem of substance abuse that seems to have plagued the American society. There is a need to adopt measures that can help the society to get rid of this problem. Some of the ways in which the problem of addiction can be solved and the dependence on sober living homes in California lessened are as follows:

Spending quality time together with family and friends
Seclusion, loneliness and a sense of being unimportant leads to the dependence on banned substances such as cocaine. It is often found that addicts feel that they are not wanted in the society anymore. These negative feelings can be negated to a large extent with adequate support from friends and family members. An active social life also helps in minimizing the dependence on addictive substances.

Pursuing creative skills
Even at the sober living homes in California, psychologists and behavior experts lay a lot of emphasis on encouraging the patients to opt for creative skills such as painting, gardening or singing. These creative activities free the mind from negative and depressing thoughts. It is therefore a good idea to remain engaged in creative activities.

Taking a break or sabbatical
Professional failures or setbacks in one’s career are also a major reason behind the rising number of addicts in the present times. People spend more than 9 hours at their offices and at the end of the day; it gets rather difficult to cope with professional commitments and deadlines. For this, it is often recommended to take a break in between and devote some time on exploring new places, people and cultures. A small vacation for instance, rejuvenates both the body and mind. It helps to concentrate better and negates the need to opt for any kind of external stimulant such as drugs and alcohol.

Staying cautious
In many cases, it is found that addicts fail to stay in limits. For example, an alcoholic crosses his limits when it comes to drinking. On the other hand, a social drinker remains aware that he should not push his limits. The key lies in staying aware. The transition to becoming an addict is not sudden and there is a need to keep these urges under control. With this, it is possible to remain clean all our lives.