The Sober Living Local Directory is resource and placement help for individuals recovering from substance abuse. San Diego transitional living facilities were established to provide a supportive and structured aftercare living environment to help the needs of the chemically dependent that have already completed a drug detox program. San Diego Sober living communities provide recovering adults with an environment where they can support one another in maintaining their sobriety and where they can help one another work towards lifelong recovery. As the patient develops a sense of fellowship with their sponsors and family, they become able to live comfortably without substance abuse. The typical sober living home in San Diego is a single-family residence, duplex or multi-unit complex. The residents are obliged to follow a strict set of house rules. Violation of the rules can result in minor financial fines, writing an essay, to immediate eviction from the house.

Zero Tolerance
The single most common rule is a zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol. Most sober living homes do random or surprise drug and alcohol testing. Other zero tolerance rules include violence, threats of violence, fighting, harassment, theft, intercourse in the home and violation of curfews or unexcused absence.

Each recovering resident is required to be financially supporting, purchasing their own food, and paying their own rent. The residents are expected to work, actively seek employment, or enroll in a trade school or an accredited academic school. Those who are on disability rather it is federal, state or local assistance are expected to volunteer in such activities within the community.

House Operations
Each resident performs an assigned daily chore around the house. A well-run house is cleaned from top to bottom each day. There are no dirty dishes left in the sink, clothes, or towels lying around.

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