Sober living homes offer addicts a place to call home for a temporary time period. The addict is certainly not alone when they enter into the program because there are other addicts who are trying to get straight. These are individuals who are considered bums and need someone to believe in their change. They also have to take the initiative to foster change and to do that they have to work along with counselors and therapist to make it happen.

It is challenging for the addict to actually have a drug or alcohol habit because it is so difficult to get to that place where they feel safe from substance abuse and from the eyes of the world watching and judging them. In fact, the process is one that can go on for the extent of the person’s life. The one objective for them is not to let it conquer them, but to take advantage of all the help and resources available at sober living homes.

Most addicts do better when they go through an inpatient care program. This is a positive reinforcement to the life that they led while they were out in the streets maintaining their habit. Addicts that are heavy drug users and alcoholics are usually the hardest to recover. This is so because of how long they were relying on the drugs and alcohol. They see it as a friend and comfort. In fact, it is the only thing for them that gives them the confidence to go out in the real world and be counted.

An inpatient treatment program at sober living homes provides 12 step assistance to the addict that will motivate them to do better. In these programs, drugs and alcohol are discussed and the effects of it are realized by the addict. The addict gets to share their story with other residents and also listen to the similar stories that most of the other residents share. It is not ironic that a group session will help the addict to form new friendships and bonds. The residents all provide support and encouragement for each other as they battle this disease.

The therapist and counselor assigned to an individual also play a key role in their existence and in their recovery. The therapist and counselor is a trusted friend for the addict. It is the one person in their environment that they will indeed share secrets with that they would not share with their own family members.

It is this confidence and trust that will help the addict to respect these professionals and cooperate with them so that recovery can be more believable. Getting involved with all aspects of sober living homes will help the recovering addict to realize that their efforts do count when it comes to complete recovery. It does not have to be a cycle of relapse, but an opportunity to enjoy the real change. Drugs and alcohol don’t have to be the end of their life. It can be the beginning of a recovery that is long overdue.